Revenue Intelligence Made Simple.

Automatic revenue scheduling and recognition on the Salesforce platform

Revenue Scheduler

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Reimagine revenue in a simple app for a big process 100% native to the Salesforce platform. The Revenue Scheduler closes the gap between front office sales and back office accounting 

Revenue Console

One central hub to view all of your critical revenue data. Measure recognised vs deferred revenue across the business or filter down to account level detail

ASC606 & IFRS 15

Take control over the revenue process from sales through to accounting to aid compliance with ASC606 & IFRS15

Revenue Insights

Proactive insights allow you to look ahead at predicted revenue based on your sales forecast to ensure maximum revenue can be recognised earlier

Revenue Teams

Bring sales and finance together to ensure collaboration earlier in the sales process and report revenue in the right way

Easy Administration

Built in rules out of the box helps you get up and running quickly. An easy to use, point and click administration console means you can adapt the tool as your business and needs change

100% Salesforce

Built 100% on the Salesforce platform

Manage your subscription revenue

Track and record revenue for subscription products as well as one time and milestone based products for a transparent, forward looking view of your revenue.

Manage revenue across your entire organisation

Automatically forecast your revenue to get a more accurate view of your business to identify opportunities to grow your revenue.


Manage revenue risk on your key accounts and proactively identify opportunities for revenue expansion.